tiny house plans

Aneides Tiny Homes Blueprints

Want to build a tiny home but don’t have any experience?  Don’t worry, we’ve taken the hardest part of the building process and put it on paper. Simply order the plans of a model you like and start building. You can also tweak your build to meet your needs.

Each set of Aneides Tiny Homes plans include:

• Floor Framing
• Wall Framing
• Roof Framing
• Insulation Details
• Electrical Plans
• Plumbing Plans
• Built-in Specs
• Elevations

Everything you need to build your tiny home for a great low price!!

All plans are PDF files. So as soon as you purchase them via PayPal you will receive an email with the plans attached. No need to wait for mail order prints. We will include 8X11 formats (regular printer) and 24X36 formats (standard blueprint format) with each purchase.

We will also include some photos of the building process for your particular model to help guide you along the way!

 Sample Blueprints