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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions you like.  We love talking about our tiny houses and tiny living.

Does Aneides Tiny Homes sell blueprints of their models?

Yes, we sell professionally drawn blueprints that show every detail of our builds from framing to electrical and plumbing to built-ins. We also include photos that we have taken during the building process of each model to help guide you along your way.

Visit our Blueprint page to learn more.

How can I finance an Aneides Tiny Home?

A division of Sun Trust bank known as LightStream now offers financing for tiny homes up to $100,000. Visit SunTrust to learn more! https://www.lightstream.com/tiny-houses

Why would you want to live in a tiny home?

Living in a tiny home is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the material and spatial load on the Ecosystem. Also, with the mobility of a tiny home they afford many more living opportunities than a standard foundation home without that RV feel. They are more affordable and have fewer utility bills (my wife and I were paying $35 every 1 1/2 – 2 months to heat our water and our home). They make an excellent vacation home or a guest home/mother-in-law suite in your backyard. With an Aneides Tiny Home they also look great and are great conversational pieces.

How do I hookup my Aneides Tiny Home?

We’ve made hooking up your tiny home very simple. Your home is fully functional from a 30 amp 220V service (typical RV hookup). Some models are hybrids that can run off of a 20 amp 11 OV service (extension cord from a household receptacle) as well as the 30 amp service. All models hook directly into a water supply via a standard hose hookup, but some also include a fresh water storage tank and water pump. Most of our models utilize a composting toilet, making hooking up that much easier. All you need is a water source, electrical source, and a place to drain your gray water. We also include with each build an external CAT 6 internet hookup.

Where does the gray water go?

Aneides Tiny Homes build there house so that all the gray water (e.g., the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and bathtub/shower) drain into a centralized pipe that can be routed to feed into a small pit or flower garden. The urine portion of the toilet also mixes with the gray water system, providing plants with an excellent source of nutrients.

What are the transportation restrictions of a tiny home on wheels?

All of our tiny homes are within DOT restrictions and require no special permits to have on the roadways and interstates. Just be sure to avoid overpasses with less than 13 feet 6 inch clearances.

What kind of vehicle do I need to move my tiny home on wheels?

A tiny home can be easily moved with a 3/4 ton truck or greater.

What’s it like living in a tiny home?

My wife and I lived in the first Aneides Tiny Home. Actually, it was the best living experience for us to date. Some of the benefits of tiny homes are that they are easy to maintain and clean. They also help to reduce clutter, although with as much storage as we incorporate in our builds, it’s easy to just keep stuff out of sight. And Aneides Tiny Homes are so well built that it costs little to nothing to heat and cool the inside space. They are a cozy and fun living experience.