Reviews of Aneides Tiny Homes

Reviews of Aneides Tiny Homes

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Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina
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by Jim on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina

Just spoke with Greg on the phone, the founder of aneides tiny homes. What a remarkable individual. Very knowledgeable and helpful. willing to answer all my questions. My wife and and I look forward to working with him on our tiny home.

by Samantha on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina

Absolutely love your designs!

by Tom on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina
Blue Ridge Blueprints

I ordered the blueprints for the Blue Ridge model and was amazed by the detail! it's going to make building my tiny home so much easier. There are other reviews about the quality of customer service from Aneides Tiny Homes and I couldn't agree more. 5 Star service!

by KFKONNER on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina
Worth the wait

I have looked at tiny houses for more than 6 years. I haven't lived in one yet, but I can imagine what would be important, having once been an architecture student. Aneides's designs have me excited!. I love all the light, and how space is used wisely and practically. I look forward to working with Greg on my home!!!

by Jim on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina
Amazing Customer Support

I haven't purchased a tiny home, yet. But I have contacted Aneides Tiny Homes on several occasions to ask some general questions about tiny homes. Even though I haven't purchased one, the owner of ATH has been more than willing to talk with me about tiny house living and design and what to look for when purchasing one. Even going as far as suggesting other tiny house companies that may fit my needs better. If they have this kind of costumer support when you don't even own one of their tiny homes, then I can only imagine how helpful they would be if you do. AMAZING! And they do great work! They definitely put A LOT of thought in their designs! Great job on running a great company!

by James on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina
Amazing Support

I have not yet even purchased the blueprints but every time i have sent in a question regarding the design and build, Greg has been very fast each time in getting back to me. My biggest hurtle in Canada is where to put the house once built. I hope to find something soon and will definitely purchase this incredible and well designed tiny house for my first real home.

by Jacob-ogre on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina

I have stayed in Blue Ridge Model, along with my wife and our three dogs. (We needed a place to stay because of an ice and snow storm, and Aneides Tiny Homes let us stay in the house even though it wasn't quite finished.) To clear up some misconceptions that have floated around elsewhere:

1. The materials going into this house are top-shelf. There are no $35 Delta faucets or T1-11 siding here. If you want something to get by (until the cheap materials break down), then those will work fine. But if you want good stuff that lasts, you will pay more. There's no way around that. And the good stuff is what is in this house!

2. The craftsmanship that went into this house is fantastic. The woodwork is carefully detailed, the fit of all the components is perfect. There is no "industry quality" drywall, where seams are visible and butt joints are's all pristine. The attention to details like door widths and drawer depth is unparalleled.

3. At 5'11", 230 lbs, and with a 49" chest, I'm not dainty. Over the days we were there, I made dozens of trips back-and-forth, up-and-down through the house, including a bunch in the dark. Not once did I bang my hip on the kitchen counter. Not once did I hit *anything*. This is a tiny house to be sure, not some voluminous McMansion, but it is remarkable how spacious it is. Maybe some will look at the pictures and think it looks cramped, but I promise, it is not.

4. Three brief points: The bed is really easy to make; the couch is plenty deep for back cushions, should you need them; and the house is brand new, of course it looks clean and neat rather than lived-in!

In short, if you're looking for a shed that keeps you out of the elements, then you can find something less expensive than this. But if you want something nice, something that will last, something that makes the tiny house feel far more spacious than the square footage indicates, then this is the tiny house you want.

by david carelock on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina

This is by far one of the best little houses I have seen yet! I got the plans and they are very thoroughly done. This design makes the house seem so much bigger than it really is. Nice kitchen and bath design and the loft is so practical and usable . The pictures and videos of this amazing build are also top notch so that You really get a full sense of the flow as well as the systems. Great job! Can't wait to start on this project.

by Erin on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina

Love the natural look inside these homes. Growing up with pine walls as a child make these tiny homes very cozy.

by LAW on Aneides Tiny Homes - Asheville, North Carolina

I disagree with those reviews that say this house is too dark. Locate this home carefully and you will be rewarded with mesmerizing views of grain and color as the light changes throughout the day. The melding of form, function, and art by this master builder begins a new era in tiny home building and design. Aneides Tiny Homes is quite simply 'sui generis'.

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